Our Work - Restoring Brick Veneer At The Tannery

J. Dykhoff and Sons Brick and Block Layers Ltd specializes in residential and commercial brick and block laying work and we have a trusted reputation for the highest working standards in the construction industry.

We have grown and built long lasting working relationships with our numerous clients. Our objective is 100% customer satisfaction and we are fully committed to providing the highest quality services.

Our expert team works closely with the client to understand their needs and achieve the best possible results. Responsible for the smooth running of the project we set out our objectives to save time and cost while ensuring the quality of the work.

J. Dykhoff and Sons Brick & &lock has been chosen to help restore amazing buildings by reinstalling the brick veneer to many of the historic buildings in the area

J. Dykhoff and Sons Brick and Block Laying Christchurch

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