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Do You Need Earthquake Repairs Or As Is Where Is Repair in Christchurch?


We can provide the following earthquake repair services in Christchurch & Canterbury:

  • Restoration of any brick or block on your house, garage or building
  • Repairing or building brick or blockwalls and fences
  • Repair earthquake-related cracks in your brick-work by grinding out and repointing mortar cracks on brick or black
  • Takedown and/ or replace walls exterior walls made from brick, block, stone or masonry
  • Build or repair brick columns 
  • Repair or replace brick or block Letterboxes and fix any cracks
  • Repairs to cracs and damage on Block Garages 
  • Broken garden planters.
  • AND MORE... Get in touch for more detail.
  • Brick& Block Retaining walls & hill work.  

What we DON't Do:  

Cracks in foundations Re mortar roofing tiles Pathways Driveways  

  • We Work With:
  • Home Owners who have been paid out by EQC and are keen to start the repair work with someone they can trust.
  • Building companies who want to outsource their EQC Repairs
  • Maintenance companies who want to outsource their EQC Repairs, 
  • Rental agents  

We work with customers who would like to hire a brick and block expert to take care of their As Is Where Is Repairs 

  • Hire a bricklayer who turns up when they say they will and produces high-quality work.
  • Quotes accurately at a fair rate and gives you control over your job costs
  • Provides top quality customer service and keeps you apprised of what is happening with the job. 
  • Works closely with you to understand your needs and achieve the best possible results. 
  • Helps you get the work completed in a timely fashion
  • We are sitesafe members and ensure health and saftey practises to avoid headaches.
  • Is highly trained and loads of experience under their belt so you know we do a good job.

Check out our work on the Tannery. We were chosen to help restore this amazing buildings by reinstalling the brick veneer. We have also worked on many of the historic buildings in the area

Our Earthquake Repair Services

Here are some of the brick and block repair jobs we can take care of for you.

  • Specialist in earthquake repairs 
  • Front fences brick and block
  • Retaining walls & hill work
  • Masonry restoration
  • Re clads of brick houses 
  • Chimneys  
  • Planter boxes
  • Block garages 
  • Block swimming pools 
  • Letterboxes 
  • Brick columns  
  • Gables 
  • Firewalls
  • Arch says 
  • Boundary fencing 
  • Re clads of brick houses 
  • Summer hill stonework  

Working with us is easy

Want to get a quote for your as is where is repairs?

Get in touch

Tell us about your next project

Site Visit

We will come to the site and evaluate the scope of a job

Get a quote

We will issue you a quote within 3 Business Days and agree on a start date.

Done for you

Once accepted we will start work at the agreed-upon time. And free you up to work on what you do best.

What Our Clients Say:

"Excellent Service ! Highly Recommended !! " 

- Miguel Magcaling - Head of Creatives at Magcaling Consulting

Very, very happy with the brick work on our home. On time, great price. Highly recommend . - Pamela Dykhoff 

"Excellent company to deal with. All the people turned up when they promised they would. Job matched quote, and was completed when they said it would be. Bricklayers who did the work - all 3 of them - were friendly and competent. And they even tidied up after themselves before they left. Recommended." 

- Stephen Taylor 

Why choose us?

  • We are the local Brick and Block laying experts in and around Christchurch, family owned and run, with many years of experience under our belts. 
  • John – 30+ years experience – what he doesn’t know is not worth knowing.  
  • Johans – 20 plus years in the trade  
  • Sarah Jane, company manager/Director and all round wonder women, shes always happy to help
  • Earthquake repair specialists in Christchurch.  
  • Five of the best skilled brickies on the planet
  • We have the expertise to get your job done yet also the family care so that we are as proud of the finished job as you will be. 
  • Our brick and block laying solutions encompass different levels of construction, from new builds, alterations and repairs to brick and blockwork.
  • We offer a broad range of services to match your requirements. 
  • No nasty surprises or having to redo work. 
  • Professional bricklaying, blocklaying and restoration service which is fully supervised, insured and compliant with all health & safety standards

bricklayer christchurch logo
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